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Kurt Sutter: 'There will definitely be a Sons of Anarchy game'

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Strap a helmet to your head, a gun to your hip, and rev up the ol' motorcycle because Kurt Sutter–creator of the popular FX series "Sons of Anarchy"–has confirmed yesterday via a couple of explicit tweets the franchise will be branching into the video game market. Little remains known at this time, but Sutter did say it would be a first-person, action adventure game with "HD graphics." He continues, "[I]t represents the evolution of gaming."

With not even a studio developer mentioned, one can only imagine what a "SOA" game would be like, and at this point everything is on the table. If one thing is a given, it is that the game will be violent, sexual, full of off-color language, and certainly rated "M" by the ESRB. The choice to make it first-person is an interesting one, though, as it would be easy to picture a third-person, "Grand Theft Auto"-style game translating well with SAMCRO's antics.


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