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Kurt Sutter reveals the hardest character to kill off in "Sons of Anarchy"

Kurt Sutter writes the hit biker drama "Sons of Anarchy."
Photo by Frederick M. Brown

"Sons of Anarchy" is likely one of the most violent shows on television right now, and many fans are sad to see it in it's last season. There have been several deaths during the season, more than any other show on the FX Network. However, on Tuesday IBTimes shares an interview with Kurt Sutter, the creator of "SOA" who talks about the hardest character to kill off.

While many might think that taking Tara from Jax was the most difficult character to let go, surprisingly, that wasn't his answer. Opie, played by Ryan Hurst, was Jax's best friend. He was brutally murdered by being beat to death in prison in front of his brothers. Sutter claims that was the hardest death not only because Hurst was really invested in his character and loves the part, but also because it changed the whole tone of the show.

While everyone claims that Tara was Jax's true North, many would argue that his true moral compass was his childhood best friend, Opie. His death had a huge impact on Jax and all of SAMCRO and set the tone for revenge and more death as they tracked down his killers and didn't stop until everyone in their way was gone. Opie's death was especially heart breaking because his father was also killed (for his silence) by a club member, and his wife was also killed by Tig because she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Katey Sagal, who is married to Kurt Sutter, says that she doesn't read the scripts before anyone else. So she is always just as surprised at what happens to everyone and the situations they are put into as everyone else. Opie's death was difficult on her character as well because she saw Opie and Jax grow up together as children, in the club, and she was like a mother to him as well as everyone else in the club.

This coming season, Kurt Sutter claims that there will be fewer deaths because he doesn't want to kill off people that have become like family to fans when there are so few originals left.

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