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Kurt Cobain statue erected in hometown of Aberdeen, WA

Kurt Cobain's statue is a little melancholy and absurd (if you look at it for long enough), but we still think this is a welcome addition to memorialize the hometown hero that put Aberdeen on the map.

Arguably the father of grunge music (or at least one of its forerunners), Kurt Cobain was born yesterday, February 20, in 1967. His hometown of Aberdeen, WA actually celebrates this every year, but it's not always a celebratory occasion.

According to KING5 News in Seattle, Mayor Bill Simpson of Aberdeen considers giving Cobain his own day his most controversial act in office. Not everyone is a big fan of Kurt as some others, but the fact remains, it was where he was born, and love him or don't, he was a national act and sort of a celebrity among alternative music in the '90s.

Naturally, Aberdeen erected a statue in his honor, depicting a likeness of him with a guitar, weeping, with a single tear falling from his closed eyes.

FUSE writer Jordan Sargent, points out in his report that the statue looks suspiciously like the common portrayal of Jesus Christ, and while the comparison may be eerily similar, it's a big conjecture to make. It may have been the artist's choice to portray Cobain as the Christ as a resonant message about the generations of fans he inspired and saved through his music, or just a happy accident.

That level of reverence to a hometown hero, even one as memorable and influential as Cobain was, may be a little overboard, but we'll never really know what the artist intended, and often, we see things because we want to, not necessarily because the depiction is every inch what we think it might be.

Mayor Simpson hopes that the statue will bolster Aberdeen into being " big as Graceland, eventually." This would be a far stretch, but it wouldn't be unheard of. Although Cobain may never have gotten to the level of popularity that The King achieved in his short lifetime, what he shared with the world was incredible, and so, in this writer's opinion, the statue is a welcome addition to the city, and hopefully, will help herald the knowledge that Cobain was born there (and not Seattle where the Grunge movement began), as well as open the city to tourism as fans pour through the gate to get a look at the man who, for many, changed lives.

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