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Kurt Cobain new death scene photos in slideshow: Police release 35 new pictures

Kurt Cobain new death photos in slideshow: Released by Seattle Police Department ahead of the 20th year anniversary of the Nirvana singer's death. (Found on floor near Cobain's body)
Kurt Cobain new death photos in slideshow: Released by Seattle Police Department ahead of the 20th year anniversary of the Nirvana singer's death. (Found on floor near Cobain's body)
Seattle PD

Long forgotten and never before seen Kurt Cobain death scene photos were recently released ahead of the anniversary of his death, which was 20 years ago come April. Four rolls of film containing Kurt Cobain's death scene photos have sat undeveloped until they were recently discovered. The Seattle Police Department has released 35 photos of the Kurt Cobain death scene, according to the New York Daily News on March 28.

Kurt Cobain never before seen death photos released by Seattle Police.

The Seattle Police Department released these photos, which give you a window into the surroundings of Cobain's death scene at his Seattle home, where he committed suicide two decades ago. Many of the 35 pictures are just different views of the same objects, but what the pictures do show gives you a good idea of the disorganized shape of the room where Cobain was found dead.

He left a suicide note, which was found at the scene. He had used a pen to stick the suicide note in a planter, in this never before seen photo. While the suicide note contents were previously released, the picture of where he left it was not.

When the Seattle Police Department found these undeveloped photos, they developed them and decided to release them to the public as part of a "re-examination of the rock superstar's death investigation," according to CBS Crimesider.

The Seattle Police stress that in no way does this mean that the Nirvana frontman's death investigation is reopened. It is not. The pictures depict the greenhouse room that Kurt's body was found in, which was above the detached garage at his home.

The room had only one stool as the lone piece of furniture. His heroin kit was found near his body which contained syringes and other drug paraphernalia inside a cigar box. Kurt's wallet with his Washington State drivers license was at the scene. On the floor near the rock star's body were the few items that he had with him.

As you can see from the pictures, those items include a cigarette lighter, a pack of cigarettes, a winter hat and sunglasses were on the floor surrounding his heroin kit. Cigarette butts were also strewn around the floor. This cold, vacant and dark scene seem to set the mood for the event that was about to take place within its walls.

Some of the other pictures show the house, the garage and some of the investigators working the death scene. In one picture you can see where police blocked out the glass doors of the room to keep prying eyes and cameras away from the scene.

While Cobain's death was ruled a suicide, there has been a long standing conspiracy theory that Kurt was murdered. Still today one of the most adamant defenders of the murder theory is Tom Grant, a private investigator once hired by Cobain's wife, Courtney Love, to follow him once he left rehab. Rumors that Courtney Love was responsible for Cobain's death have persisted for years and Grant still maintains the investigation was a cover-up.

Grant suggested that the pictures just now being developed after 20 years have gone by "speaks volumes" about the conduct of the investigation. This is one of rock's mysteries that may never offer a conclusion that is accepted by everyone.

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