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Kunis cold interview: Reporter has terrible things to say about Mila interview

Mila Kunis
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Mila Kunis recently had an interview which is something she does all the time. This actress from "That 70s Show" On Tuesday, Yahoo shared the news that the reporter who did this interview is speaking out and doesn't have very good things to say about Ashton Kutcher's fiance. The interview did not go as planned. He was hoping for a great time but this interview was not something you would call great.

Stephen Whitty had a 25 minute phone interview with Mila. He thought it would be a great interview but instead is describing her actions as cold. His first question to her was about how she was feeling. Considering she is pregnant you would think that was a fine question and a good ice breaker. Instead she got mad and said she wouldn't talk about that for publication at all.

Her fiance Ashton Kutcher is behind the show "Punk'd." Whitty shared that the interview had him so confused that he actually thought that he was on the show. He wasn't though it was just a terrible interview. She was asked about moving here from the Ukraine and pretty much explained that she has answered that a lot before and didn't want to answer again. It is really unknown why this interview went so bad but Stephen Whitty doesn't have nice things to say.

Another interview she did had just come out and it might have been one she said a bit too much in. That interview with OK! sounds like it went good but Mila went on to talk about how Ashton would not be allowed down below when she was giving birth and would be forced to stay near her head. Nobody knows what is going on but she could just be dealing with the pregnancy and the interviews were at bad times for her.

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