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Kumquat salsa

My kumquat tree.
Shelly Butcher

I recently bought a kumquat tree--a small one. The kind you can place on your porch or patio and needs less sun than the larger, sweeter citrus fruits, or so the helpful gardener explained to me at the garden store.

I find kumquats particularly appealing amongst citrus fruits. They're small, require no peeling, and reverse the typical citrine paradigm with their tart, tangy innards and sweet skin. The only downside to kumquats, as far as I can see, is their unfortunate seed to fruit ratio. Still, I don't mind spitting like a sailor if it means I get to eat some kumquats.

This kumquat salsa is delightful with fish. I think it would go nicely with grilled or roasted chicken, too.

Kumquat salsa

1 handful kumquats, chopped, seeds removed
1 shallot, minced
1 small handful parsley, chopped
Salt, pepper, ground coriander to taste
1/2 lemon
olive oil

Combine main ingredients in a mortar and pestle and mash a bit. Season to taste with the salt, pepper, and coriander, then sprinkle with lemon and olive oil. Taste and correct seasoning.

Serves 2-3.

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