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KUDOS! Black Media Appreciation Night

Time to roll out the red carpet and get your tickets to the 2nd Black Media Appreciation Night (BMAN) sponsored by Block Report Radio and the San Francisco Bayview Newspaper. This eclectic media event occurs at 7:00 pm on Saturday, September 13th at the African-American Art & Culture Complex located at 762 Fulton Street in San Francisco, California. BMAN highlights the social montage of scientific creativity, liberation politics and cultural mosaics that contribute to ranking Oakland and the Bay Area among the top three tourist destinations of the United States.

This year’s star-studded event features performances by and tributes to the home-grown cultural titans and information champions of the 21st century. Political-visual artist, Emory Douglas, former Black Panther Party Minister of Information, will be honored and awarded with the “Black Media Lifetime Achievement Award” for his cultural commitment to social justice through creation and publication of his now famous conscious-consolidating posters, cartoons, art and insights. Black Media Appreciation Night is the perfect time and place to acknowledge and applaud such media warriors and frontline defenders of social justice. We are informed and empowered because they research and deliver the honest media content humanity requires. As memorable as last year’s BAMN was at Yoshi’s Oakland, this year’s event promises to be even more awe-inspiring.

Why a Black Media Appreciation Night? As long as corporate media is designed to program thought patterns rather than stimulate critical thought, there will be a desire and necessity for Black and alternative media to provide alternative perspectives and perceptions. As long as mainstream media tells us when and what to buy; what to ignore and who to scrutinize; who to stereotype, profile, hate, sanction, shoot, invade and/or annihilate, there will be a need for alternative perspectives and perceptions. While the mainstream media are well-recognized and well-paid to serve the private interests of capitalism and imperialism, Black and alternative media (outlets, journalists, advocates and activists) go underpaid, and routinely unpaid, in order to serve the interests of the public and social justice.

Experience and journalistic integrity make alternative and Black media the go-to source for all that is relevant: escalating unemployment & homelessness; human devaluation and disenfranchisement; over-inflated housing prices & tuition rates; local fracking & global warming trends; neighborhood gentrification & global recolonization; community militarization & justifiable genocide; homeland & social in-security; economic decline & global wars; xenophobia & incarceration-extermination; et cetera. Our survival as a species hinges upon our ability to see beyond the sensationalized headlines of private-interests-consumer hype, violent social propaganda and racial rhetoric that rubber-stamp our extinction.

Kudos to those undervalued soldiers of semantics who bring logic, reason, passion, compassion and common sense to this human discourse that is life. So come join us at San Francisco’s African-American Culture Complex to celebrate life and share your appreciation for Black media at this historic night of music, elation and recognition. Better get your tickets early at

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