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KS 107.5's Ya Girl Cedes Launches

Ya Girl Cedes Website Launch
Ya Girl Cedes Website Launch

You tune in to KS 107.5 to listen to Ya Girl Cedes during your after work wind down, or maybe you're still stuck in your weekday commute when the show starts at 7 p.m. She plays the music you like and she always has the latest on the celebs. You really like her style and the way she serves up the news. Well, now there's even more of everything you like about Ya Girl Cedes online!

The Denver radio personality is super excited to give her fans even more, recently launching during a private VIP media party with host Kathie J, also from KS 107.5. As anticipated, the unveiling of the site is receiving a great amount of community support.

@djchonz tweeted, "We Here For My Lil Sis Website Release Party! I'm So Proud Of Her! @yagirlcedes @kathiejay"

Just minutes after the launch, rave reviews were posted to Twitter and Facebook by thrilled fans.

@mrs5280 tweeted, "@YaGirlCedes Ms.Lady, Your website is AMAZING. CONGRATS"

About Mercedes Howard:

Mercedes Howard, known on air as "Ya Girl Cedes", is a vivacious radio personality who was raised in the business but didn't know she would pursue a career in the field until college. After 6 years of living and working in San Diego, CA., Cedes decided it was time for a change. At 21 years of age, she landed a job in Denver, CO and immediately became a pioneer by being the only African-American female radio personality to have her very own show on the popular hip-hop station KS107.5. Cedes is on live Monday thru Friday from 7 p.m. to midnight. She repeatedly earns the top rated show in her demographic for night shows and has become a celebrity host for numerous events and a role model for high school age girls.

With a top-rated show, event appearances and a second gig in California, the hard-working Mercedes Howard says being able to advance her skills from more than just a personality is a triumph for her. is your backstage pass to the latest uncensored celebrity gossip, fashion, music, and insightful interviews. There's even a "Where's Cedes" calendar featuring local events. Visit the site at today, and check out interviews with mega-stars like YG, J Cole and Big Sean.

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