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Krystle Dikes knew killer Shawn Walter Bair? Parents aren't sure

Krystle Dikes was gunned down by Shawn Walter Bair. However, even though some pundits proclaim that the two Indiana residents knew each other, Dikes' parents aren't so sure about that according to a Jan. 18 report from MSN.

Juanita Whitacre and Shaun Dikes talked about their daughter Krystie. Her mom Juanita said her daughter made friends easily since she was very easy to get to know. And yes, both she and Bair did go to the same Indiana high school.

According to Whitacre, "[Kristie] knew so many people. It's entirely possible she knew him. She knew everybody, it seemed like."

This grieving mother added, " far as any prior relationship, we have no clue."

Meanwhile, no motive for the shootings of Krystle Dikes and Rachelle Godfread at the hands of 22-year-old Shawn Walter Bair at a Martin's Supermarket last week has emerged as far as police are concerned.

As can be expected, Krystle Dikes' parents are in deep mourning over the gruesome loss of their 20-year-old child. And so, whether or not she knew the killer Shawn Walter Bair is not going to take this suffering away from the people who raised this young woman who was gunned down last week. Not at all right now, as feelings are raw, and maybe not ever.

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