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Krystle Dikes knew her murderer, Elkhart shooter Shawn Walter Bair

Krystle Dikes
Krystle Dikes
New York Daily News

Krystle Dikes, 20 - who was one of the two women shot and killed by Shawn Walter Bair in Martin’s Super Market in Elkhart, Indiana Wednesday night – apparently knew the murderer, according to an Inquisitr report on Saturday.

Elkhart shooting: Three dead including shooter

While the motive for Bair’s deadly rampage in the store is yet unknown, a friend of Krystle Dikes – Natasha Sellers – has reportedly said that Blair would have certainly known her. She said the she didn’t know him, but he dated one of her friends in high school. She said he always seemed like a really nice guy, and said that she had heard he had a few drug problems. She never would have thought of something like this happening.

While others have also said that Bair and Dikes knew one another, it is not known whether Bair intended to kill Dikes or whether she was merely caught in the crossfire during the grisly incident.

Juanita Whitacre, Dikes’ mother said that her daughter had dropped out of high school when she was a senior in high school at 18 years of age. She moved out on her own to have less drama in her life. Prior to getting the job at Martins a month ago, she lived in Muncie, Indiana, selling guns for her stepbrother who is a registered gun broker. She ended up moving back to Elkhart and getting the job at Martins.

She was said to be quite content working at Martins at night because she could just put her headphones on, listen to music and stock shelves – a more peaceful existence for herself.

Her family says that her aspirations were to own a daycare one day as she had a gift for caring for special needs children.

Bair, 22, also shot and killed Rachelle Godfread, 44 who was shopping at the store. The gunman shot the two women at Martin’s Super Market located at 3900 East Bristol Street in Elkhart on Wednesday at approximately 10 p.m. He was positioned to kill the store manager, who escaped, just as police arrived and diverted his attention.

It has been learned since the shooting that Bair had an interest in serial killings via his Facebook interactions. His posts reportedly mused about serial killers and going to hell.

On August 17, 2011, he Facebook-posted: “I may be going to hell but at least I’m going honest and you know what that’s all I’ve ever been you look at me and see this freak I see a god because I embrace my f----d up side and when I’m in hell I hope you pass through my rack have fun with that ahahahahahahahahahaha Wicked Tec”

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