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KRS-One blames Def Jam for ruining Hip Hop music!



KRS-One is one of the most prolific and talented Emcees that there has ever been. He is well known for his "conscious" lyrics and motivating messages in his music. He has created static in the Hip Hop industry by blaming Def Jam for singlehandedly destroying Hip Hop.

While on the red carpet for the VH1 Hip Hop Honors 25th Anniversary honoring Def Jam's 25th anniversary, KRS-One was interviewed and did not sugar coat anything. He stated, "Def Jam's legacy in Hip Hop sucks straight up." He continued by saying, "Def Jam is the dopest label in Hip Hop, there really would be no Hip Hop as we know it today if it weren't for Def Jam." "Everytime you think of what's wrong with Hip Hop the lyrics, the commercialized music, one artist being played on the radio all day um things like that, that's all Def Jam."

The interviewer asked him to elaborate on his comments as KRS-One took it a little further. "You're doing your thing and we respect that no doubt, but at the same time you need to clean up your act .  I don't know, I dont even know if Def jam really exists as a label really." KRS- One was then asked, "What  is it instead?" His response: A movement. If you'd like to see the full interview make sure to check out the video below.


  • joebiam 5 years ago

    I believe in what KRS is saying because it's like Windows & WalMart. They have to be applauded because they changed the face of computing and retail. But because they've grown so large, they're the enemy now because they're not intimately in touch with the individual. They use their clout and power to do what they want when and how they want. At the top, you can lose sight of the bottom rung, but you have to remember that the top rung can't exist with the bottom. Kris wants Def Jam to not only remember that from which it was birthed (Hip-Hop), but pay homage to IT as well as to itself (Def Jam). That is all...