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Krooked Skateboard's Bobby Worrest all Pulaski video part shouldnt be missed

Frederick, Maryland resident and Washington D.C.'s Pulaski park local Bobby Worrest has filmed an entire video part at the legendary Pulaski Park. In the 1990's Pulaski Park was a breeding ground for legends. Pros like Pepe Martinez, Andy Stone, Scott Johnston, Brian Tucci, Reese Forbes and Chris Hall were there on the daily. Pulaski Park isnt camera shy either. Pulaski has been in countless skate videos and will be for years to come. A good vibe and the smoothest ground imaginable have kept generation after generation flocking to Washington D.C. to skate the legendary ledges. In all of the rippage there has been some stand out moments, Bobby Worrest's new video part is one of them. The Pit Crew Skateshop and Krooked Skateboards team pro's three minutes and fifty second part is perfect. Effortless style and killer combos make it a must see! - Jason Chapman The National Skateboarding Examiner

Bobby Worrest Home Turf Killer video part!
Video by Thrasher Magazine

"Didnt get caught by the cops once while we were filming!" - Bobby Worrest Krooked Skateboards Professional

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