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Kroger sales policy changes

Kroger sales policy changes
Kroger sales policy changesPhoto by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Cincinnati-area Kroger customers received news over Memorial Day weekend of a slight change that could influence their spending habits.

Redplum, the company that delivers ads and money-saving coupons every Sunday to customers' doors, printed a Kroger ad on the plastic bag that delivers these free items to shoppers' doorsteps every week.

Kroger announced that its sale cycle is changing. Previously, a Kroger sale cycle would end on a Sunday, with the new sale prices beginning on a Monday. The change, beginning this week, makes the weekly ad begin on a Wednesday; therefore, the discounted prices advertised in the ad will not be effective until Wednesday. With this change, advertised deal prices begin on a Wednesday and remain in effect until the following Tuesday.

Kroger believes that customers will benefit by being aware of sales in advance, giving shoppers more time to plan their purchases. The company also believes that customers will benefit by being able to purchase sale items before "the busy weekend". Kroger's coupon policy and return policy remain unchanged.

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