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KRLA disc jockey Dave Hull and his thoughts on the Monkees

The cover of "Hullabaloo! The Life and (Mis)Adventures of L.A. Radio Legend Dave Hull."
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(Introduction: Dave Hull, aka “The Hullabalooer,” was a very popular disc jockey on KRLA, a very well-known AM radio station in Los Angeles during the '60s. It was KRLA that got the Beatles to play the Hollywood Bowl (both times) and Dodger Stadium. Hull also had an interesting connection to the Monkees. He has just published a wonderful autobiography (co-authored with Bill Hayes and Jennifer Thomas) called “Hullabaloo: The Life and (Mis)Adventures of an L.A. Radio Legend” that recalls the crazy days of the '60s. We questioned him by email. )

Q: How different was the Monkees' phenomenon from the Beatles?
Dave Hull: “I believe the main difference was in what ultimately became each group’s audience: Beatles fans growing into young adults right along with the musical phenomenon and craze, while the Monkees had young teens watching them on TV at home.”

Q: Any interesting stories about your contacts with the Monkees?
Dave Hull: “My closest association with them occurred with my cameo appearance on 'The Monkees' in the 1968 episode titled 'Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers.' During the filming, all of us became quite friendly. And I was a hero in my own family. For weeks, my children thought I could do no wrong! However, that would soon wear-off and things would return to 'normal'! The episode really was a classic, featuring two other bands — the Four Swine and Larry Crabtree and the Three Crabs — in a sinister competition with Micky, Mike, Peter, and Davy!”

Q: How would you compare radio then and now?
Dave Hull: “
Honestly, there is no comparison to the radio of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s to what is heard today. Then, radio meant something wonderful to teenagers everywhere. It brought them together. Today, no one even cares about radio because they have their own "self-made" CDs and iPods of their favorite artists and songs in their cars and in their homes.”

(See the rest of our interview with Dave Hull on our Beatles Examiner page.)

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