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Kristy Kelley remains missing after five days

Kristy Kelley is still missing
Crime Scene Media;Used with permission

The search for Kristy Kelley continues as her case drags near a week old, and this Wednesday news report has kept track of what few details exist in her disappearance. As of five days into the search, Kristy has not reached out to any of her friends or family, meaning she has been completely silent since the night she was last seen. This Facebook group dedicated to the search for the missing woman is also staying on top of things, but refusing to publish the locations of the areas being searched for her. The following was posted yesterday by the group (which consists of close friends, family members and acquaintances of the missing woman, as well as others who are watching the case):

"No search locations posted on this page please [sic] per request of those closely involved in the investigation!"

It's hard to tell who "those closely involved in the investigation" really are, though. Does this mean the police, or just family members who want to play things close to their collective chests? The search for Kristy Kelley is becoming a secretive one, but there are probably at least a couple of a reasons why. For starters, if someone kidnapped or harmed the woman knowing all of the search sites could drive someone to hiding evidence more thoroughly. However, it doesn't seem like much logic is behind that argument, since public, police and media pressure can also cause a suspect to "get sloppy" and stick out more.

Meanwhile, news reports from all over the country are still covering the once-possible "connections" between this case and the disappearances of other women in the Tri-State area. However, police have already confirmed that there are no known connections with this case and others. That indicates that they have evidence that Kristy's case differs from theirs.

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