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Kristy Kelley case not connected to other disappearances

Kristy Kelley is still missing
Crime Scene Media;Used with permission

On Tuesday police in Indiana declared that the disappearance of Kristy Kelley is not connected to the other handful of disappearances in the Tri-State area. This report shares that the Kelley case is one of the most "highly publicized missing persons cases," in the Boonville area, which is probably why it's being compared to the disappearances of other women in the state (such as Joelle Lockwood's case, which is being actively investigated at the same time). Since it's now known that the cases aren't connected, what could be responsible for the disappearance of the Boonville mom?

Kristy has been missing now for going on a week, and the search for her is expanding while her loved ones push for media coverage. This is the best they can do in a desperate situation. When there are so few details in a disappearance like this, communities are left wondering what happened -- and sometimes the answers to those questions never come. Hopefully that's not the case with Kristy Kelley, who was last seen at a bar the night she vanished. The circumstances that surround her disappearance indicate that she may have been intoxicated, though her loved ones allege that she had to be at work the next day and probably wouldn't drink copiously. Nonetheless, it's important for authorities to eliminate or consider any and all possibilities until she is either found or her case is otherwise solved. Since her vehicle is still missing along with her, it's very possible that she may be found with her vehicle.

Kristy left her cellphone behind at the bar she was drinking at before she disappeared, but it's not known if she simply forget the phone in the bathroom or if something led her to abandon it. If she was drinking, she could have forgotten her phone when she left to either go home or go to another bar in the area. If she was intoxicated enough to forget her phone in a bar restroom, then it's logically possible that she was intoxicated enough to get into a car accident. Hopefully investigators and searchers have taken this into consideration while looking for the missing woman.

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