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Kristin Cavallari not a believer in child vaccination


Kristin Cavallari revealed Thursday, March 13 on FOX Business's "The Independents" she and husband, Jay Cutler were not ones who go and vaccinate their babies.

Kristin says she's read up on the cases of autism caused by vaccination over the years which caused Kristin & Jay to make their decision to forego the procedure.

Though Kristin worries about the mercury that may be involved with vaccines, the FOX host pointed out she & her siblings were vaccinated but nothing happened.

Kristin also dished out her views about the legalization of marijuana saying even though she doesn't live that lifestyle, Kristin thinks marijuana would be good for the economy.

And Kristin has no problem with the issue of same-sex marriage stating that people should be free to live their lives however they want.

Aside from news issues, Kristin Cavallari confesses she's ready to deliver her second child now that she's gotten over the love of being pregnant, which too now involves more aches & pains.

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