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Kristin Cavallari helps to keep you trending with 'The Fabulist' on E!

Watch “The Fabulist” every Monday at 8:30 pm ET/PT.
Watch “The Fabulist” every Monday at 8:30 pm ET/PT.
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E!’s new series “The Fabulist,” hosted by Kristin Cavallari (designer, “The Hills”) and designer Orly Shani (designer, NBC’s “Fashion Star”). Debuted on E! March 17th at 8:30pm ET/PT and now each week “The Fabulist” will continue to bring together an exciting panel of taste makers to discuss what’s hot in the world of beauty, fashion and lifestyle trends. had the opportunity to chat with new host, Kristin Cavallari, who dished on trends that she hates and loves, why viewers should tune in, and escaping a reality character that she played on "The Hills." Read the full interview below and be sure to watch “The Fabulist” every Monday at 8:30 pm ET/PT.

Examiner: How are you?

KC: “Doing well! Excited to be hosting The Fabulist.”

Examiner: Using three adjectives, how would you describe "The Fabulist"?

KC: “Informative, fun and fast-paced.”

Examiner: What do you think is going to attract viewers to the show?

KC: “There is something for everyone. We cover trends in fashion and beauty, but also in travel, food and fitness. If it's hot, we will be talking about it.”

Examiner: What ultimately made you agree to host?

KC: “I had been wanting to get into the hosting world, but it had to be the right job. This show is perfect because we talk about things I love, and it's a fun, opinionated show.”

Examiner: How interactive will the panel of experts be in providing the latest trends?

KC: “The panelists are really there to give their opinion on each trend. We have people from all areas: models, photographers, people in the fashion world, chefs, makeup artist and actors.”

Examiner: Congratulations on the pregnancy of your second child, how has this pregnancy been for you as compared to the first?

KC: “Thank you. It's exactly the same! I'm lucky because I've enjoyed both pregnancies.”

Examiner: How does it feel to return to TV after "The Hills" and what do you think your fans will think?

KC: “It's exciting! I can't wait for my fans to see the real me instead of a character on a reality show. I hope they enjoy it and can take away some great information from the show.”

Examiner: Did you know Orly prior to working on this together?

KC: “No, we met through this and instantly clicked.”

Examiner: What were your favorite trends that you saw during New York, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks?

KC: “I love the 70s inspired looks! Also, really rich colors like Merlots and navy blues are beautiful.”

Examiner: What trend are you most looking forward to for spring?

KC: "White on white is a big trend, which I love. It's clean and fresh. Also, pastels are huge at the moment. It's fun to pair different pastels together for a soft, feminine look.”

Examiner: What is one fashion trend that you wish would just go away?

KC: “Socks with pumps is just starting to become a trend, and I'm not a fan. I wear a dress with heels to elongate my legs, not cut them off with a sock!”

Examiner: Lastly, what can viewers expect when they tune in to "The Fabulist"?

KC: “They can expect a fun, entertaining show while getting great tips and important information regarding all of the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.”