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Kristin Cavallari drops 20 pounds again: To fit into favorite attire a motivator

Kristen Cavallari drops 20 pounds in just two months affer giving birth to second child, son Jax.

Kristin Cavallari drops 20-pounds in just two months after giving birth to her second child, Jax. It is not as if Cavallari has a special metabolism that just springs back, that many Hollywood stars seem to possess. While it looks that way in Tinsel Town, but that is never the case. It is exercise and a healthy diet that put this star close to her pre-pregnancy weight, according to TheSpreadit on July 13.

With something as simple as fitting back into her favorite apparel as a motivator, Cavallari devised a workout plan and diet after her two-year-old son, Camden Jack was born. It worked like a charm the first time around so she’s embarked on the same exercise and diet journey again.

E Online reports the fashion mogul is just a couple of pounds away from her pre-pregnancy weight. Cavallari and Jay Cutler welcomed Jax, their second son, into the world in May.

She predicts that she will be at her pre-pregnancy weight when month three rolls around, but for now the 20-pound weight loss feels wonderful to the star. Cavallari works out five times a week for 45 minutes and that workout includes squats, weight lifting and lunges.

This strict routine has shown success with her butt, legs and arms, she will have to introduce Pilates into her workout to target her abs and get them back to where they were before the baby was on board. As far as diet goes, Cavallari, 27, eats healthy and stays away from foods with toxic chemicals. She eats organic vegetables, fresh fish and fruits. She will only eat “grass-feed” beef with her healthy diet.

Avocado and coconut oil are substituted for salad dressing and if she wants a snack, the former star of “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” will grab nuts or dried fruits. One of the things that surpasses her happiness from her exercise and diet success, is the happiness she experiences while enjoying being a mother of two.

The fashion mogul’s two young boys keep her busy and they’ve bonded as brothers already. She reports they are getting along well. In the midst of having a newborn and keeping to this strict diet and exercise program, the proud mom announces that her two-year-old, Camden Jack was just potty-trained. As most parents can contest to, this is not the easiest of feats!

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