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Kristen Wiig Feels 'Hateship Loveship' in New Trailer

Alice Munro's tenth celebrated collection of short stories, Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage, has already produced one terrific film adaptation. Sarah Polley took the short story "The Bear Came over the Mountain" and adapted it into Away from Her a few years ago. Now Kristen Wiig, Nick Nolte, Hailee Steinfeld, and Guy Pearce have gathered for Hateship Loveship, an adaptation of the collection's title story.

Hateship Loveship

Directed by Liza Johnson (Return), the film looks like a clear step into low-wattage dramatic territory for Wiig. She plays Joanna, a housekeeper to a family rife with internal conflict. Nolte plays the elderly grandfather who is having problems with his outcast son-in-law Ken, played by Pearce. Steinfeld is Ken's daughter, Sabitha, and she's responsible for tricking Joanna into thinking Ken has a romantic interest in her. It makes for an odd blend of tones, even in this trailer, and one can only think it continues into the film as a whole.

Hateship Loveship is available now exclusively on DirecTV (review to come), and will hit VOD and theaters April 11th.

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