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Kristen Stewart to sue Joan Rivers: Elderly comedian zingers too nasty in book?

Kristen Stewart’s lawyers have threatened to sue Joan Rivers over what she said in her new book about Stewart. They have demanded that she remove the disparaging words about Stewart from her book if she doesn’t she’ll face a defamation law suit, according to MSN Wonderwall on June 23.

Kristen Stewart threatens a lawsuit if Joan Rivers doesn't remove the section in her new book that says vile things about the "Twilight" actress.
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Did this shake Rivers to the core, no, it gave her more fuel for her jokes, which are often vile and not funny. Rivers laughed it off saying that Stewart is a “fool” if she doesn’t realize it was all said in jest. Rivers claims that this is a book written by a comedian, something she has been all her life.

Rivers also snaps that apparently Stewart didn’t read the disclaimer which states that this is a book for comedy purposes. It doesn’t matter what Rivers calls the book, when you read something someone else has to say that is awful about yourself it has to hurt.

So what did Rivers say to get a defamation law suit threatened? In Rivers’ book, “Diary of a Mad Diva,” she said that Stewart is a “one trick pony,” along with making very crude assumptions as to how Stewart made it big in Hollywood.

She also is reported to have written some vile things about Stewart’s affair with Rupert Sanders, the affair that took down her relationship with her “Twilight” co-star, Robert Pattinson. While that is old news, it is apparently still a thorn in the side for Stewart.

As the New York Daily News suggests “the claws are out,” between Rivers and Stewart. The 81-year-old comedian seems to think she can say just about anything these days.

Maybe it is because she is elderly and figures folks will take it easy on someone in their 80s. Rivers is certainly getting more dagger-like with her stabbing remarks recently as compared to the pocket-knife-like pricks of insults she spewed during her earlier years. It appears that she's stabbing harder these days.

Rivers probably has one of the sharpest tongues in Hollywood and nothing seems to be out-of-bounds for her when it comes to spewing zingers at other celebrities.
Rivers’ book is due out next week and she has absolutely refused to alter it in any way due to Stewart’s complaints and legal threats.

So, should Kristen Stewart grow thicker skin, after all she is in the land of Hollywood? Or should Joan Rivers learn to shut-up and stop attacking women that are young enough to be her great-granddaughter and let them develop their careers without the vile put-downs from Rivers? Maybe it is a little bit of both?

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