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Kristen Stewart suspected of trying to steal Jennifer Lawrence’s man

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Kristen Stewart is suspected of trying to steal Jennifer Lawrence’s boyfriend Nicholas Hoult while they are filming the upcoming movie “Equals.” According to Jan. 30 and 3 News news reports, Jennifer is highly suspicious of how Kristen came to have the role of Nicholas’ love interest in the first place, and she has not forgotten Kristen’s reputation for romantic involvements with men on the set.

Kristen Relentlessly Pursued the Role

One thing in particular that makes Jennifer Lawrence suspect that Kristen Stewart has designs on her man is the way Kristen relentlessly pursued the role.

Jennifer was one of the first actresses to read the script for Equals but she could not see herself in the role. When Jennifer and Kristen hung out with each other at the Toronto Film Festival last year, Jennifer told her that she’d read the Equals script and loved it, but didn’t feel the part was right for her.

Later, Jennifer’s boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult signed up for the film. Shortly after that Jennifer heard that Kristen was suddenly actively pursuing the part of his love interest in the movie. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that Kristen would end up with the part. Now she’s wishing she could kick herself for turning down the role, but it’s too late. There’s nothing she can do about it now. However, she remains convinced that Kristen had ulterior motives for going after the part.

Kristen Stewart’s Preference for British Men

Given Kristen Stewart’s 3-year romance with Robert Pattinson and her affair with Rupert Sanders, she seems to have a preference for British men.

One of Jennifer Lawrence’s friends had this to say:

"It all worked out a little too conveniently for Jennifer not to be suspicious. Considering Kristen's history with British men, she's the last person Jennifer wants to see kissing her boyfriend on the set.

Jennifer is especially concerned because her man, Nicholas Hoult has British roots. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out.


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