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Kristen Stewart embraced 'Camp X-Ray' challenge, met a new Robert

Kristen Stewart is a chance-taker. She moved from “Twilight Saga” love to an acclaimed performance in “On the Road.” For her latest challenge, she was rewarded not just with a different type of role, but she met a new Robert. Hopefully meeting Robert Redford and being part of such a talented group made her forget Robert Pattinson. Initial news of Stewart’s performance was lukewarm. However, the Daily Beast on Jan. 18, 2014 sang her praises: Kristen Stewart Goes to Gitmo. And from the Hollywood Reporter we learned of her meeting with Redford: Sundance: Kristen Stewart on 'Camp X-Ray's' Haunted Set, Meeting Robert Redford.

Stewart meets Robert Redford at Sundance
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Also on Jan. 18, 2014 HitFix reported on a talk with Stewart regarding her motivation for doing the film: Kristen Stewart on 'taking risks' with her Sundance military drama 'Camp X-Ray'.

The Daily Beast noted

But, by the end of Camp X-Ray, you’re won over by Stewart’s layered turn as Cole, and Maadi’s as the defiant Ali. It’s a role perfectly suited to her strengths—vulnerability and hidden courage—and few young actresses, with the exception of Jennifer Lawrence, can hold a close-up like Stewart. Gitmo.

Stewart “On the Road”

Gossip about Pattinson follows Stewart everywhere. There was a fabricated headline tale that Stewart was using Robert Pattinson's friend -- who happened to be her “On the Road” co-star, Tom Sturridge, to try to win back her lover. The claim was that she had hoped to talk with him at the Toronto Festival. We soon learned that he wasn't even scheduled to be there. The full story, with links to original sources, is at: Kristen Stewart using R-Patz friend is false, 'On the Road' is true.

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