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Kristen Stewart dyes hair orange: Bucket list for her head includes clean shave

Kristen Stewart with orange hair, posts selfie on Instagram.
Kristen Stewart with orange hair, posts selfie on Instagram.

Kristen Stewart dyed her hair orange for a movie role, but it is not the most becoming color or hair style for the “Twilight” star. In a recent interview, Kristen went on a rant about her head and all the things she plans to do to it before she dies. It was like Kristen Stewart's bucket list for her head!

According to the MSN Wonderwall on April 5, Stewart reveals a new orange hairdo in a selfie posted to Instagram. In this picture Stewart is makeup free, which is not a problem for a natural beauty like her.

Stewart said in a recent interview that if she wasn’t in the movies, she would do all sorts of things to her head and hair. She wants to cut her hair short and at one point she wants to shave her head and get a tattoo.

While she’s not sure what the tattoo would be that she gets inked on her scalp, she is sure that she is going to have a tattoo on her head one day. Her bucket list for her head was very specific.

She lists that she wants “a total boy cut,” a “straight up James Dean haircut” and she wants to shave her head before she dies. From there Stewart went further and said that she will “definitely tattoo my head when it’s shaved before my hair grows back.”

The tattoo will most likely go on the “bottom quadrant in the back” of her head, said the Bella actress. As far as the tattoo and what the image will consist of, “Still thinking” said Stewart.

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