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Kristen Stewart can relax, no hot loving for Rob and London artist

It seems strange that Robert Pattinson appears to be making the rounds with women friends of Kristen Stewart. Two things can be going on here. One, he can be trying to make her jealous. Or two, he needs advice on how to get back into her life, her bed. We don’t know the answer. However, E! Online reported on Jan. 8, 2014: Robert Pattinson and Nettie Wakefield Are "Definitely Not Dating" Says Source -- Get the Scoop! As such the news from International Business Times, Australia on Jan. 7, 2014 must be a relief to those in the lovebirds’ cheering section: Robert Pattinson Will Never Love Anyone Like He Loved Kristen Stewart.

She can smile again, no hot romance going on with her friends.
Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

The "just friends" story

E! Online dispelled romance rumors between Pattinson and the London artist noting that he and Wakefield are “very good friends and are definitely not dating." Why do we believe them? Because they have not been feeding us tabloid tales since Thanksgiving.

Just when most began thinking that the artist and actor were hot London lovers, this news from E! Online answered the question posed by the International Business Times, UK on Jan. 8, 2014: Are Robert Pattinson and Nettie Wakefield the Newest Couple in Town?

But he is still hooking up with her friends

Nonetheless, the Stir reminded us on Jan. 6, 2014: Robert Pattinson Can't Seem to Stop Dating Kristen Stewart's Friends. Time will give us the answer.

Nonetheless, it is possible that Pattinson’s single status is what fueled the New Year’s Eve reunion story reported here: Best 2013 hoax: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and New Year. For a full wrap up of story highlights for the year, have a look at this article: News wrap 2013 to 2014 mystery woman.

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