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Kristen Saban: 'She beat the devil out of her,' argues lawyer in brawl, lawsuit

Photo of Kristen Saban before civil suit
Photo of Kristen Saban before civil suit
Facebook Photo, via BlackSportsOnline

Kristen Saban, the daughter of well-known University of Alabama coach Nick Saban, is making headlines in the news this week after allegedly “beating the devil” out of her best friend at the time, Sarah Grimes. Grimes has hired a lawyer and is currently suing Saban over a violent physical altercation that left her with physical damage back in 2010. Web Pro News describes just what happened in this major brawl and subsequent lawsuit this Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014.

Although Kristen Saban certainly isn’t popularized in the media as her father, the young woman has come into the spotlight for a fight that occurred far away from the field of sports. As stated by Stephen Strickland, Sarah Grimes’ lawyer, Saban attacked his client brutally in their fight several years ago. He claims she “beat the devil out of her,” and that her punches were not unlike “Boom Boom Mancini” — an explicit allusion to the power of the professional boxer. The civil suit filed in the case originally revealed that Grimes experienced a concussion, the contusion of her elbow, cervical damage, headaches, and even needed nasal surgery after the physical altercation.

Despite these claims, Kristen Saban is pleading not guilty, saying that she was only defending herself from a potentially dangerous situation, and that it was Sarah who was in fact the incident’s main aggressor.

A statement has already been given by the accused, telling her point of view of the night of the violent argument. Saban swore under oath that back in 2010, both she and Grimes — as well as several other female friends — were spending the night at Saban’s local apartment after going out and drinking heavily. Saban allegedly went to her room following Grimes poking fun at her relationship at the time with her boyfriend.

After Saban took to Facebook to write, “No one likes Sarah, yay,” Grimes noticed the brief post and confronted her.

“Kristen Saban testified that Grimes went after her neck, and then the two began to get physical with each other, mainly pulling hair, scratching and slapping … Grimes filed an official lawsuit against Saban after “getting the devil beat out of her” back in 2012 as well, arguing for a non-disclosed amount of money. Saban’s attorneys are still working to have the cased dismissed, asserting that the young woman was in fact only defending herself. Grimes’ attorneys, however, still believe the case should continue forward.

The cause of this terrible fight that not only broke a friendship but involved the law in this national case? Apparently the past best friends and sorority sisters grew angry at one another due to Saban failing to invite Grimes out to exercise with her or take her to a local movie premiere concerning her father, Nick Saban.

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