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Kristen Saban fight: Pettiness between one-time friends went too far

Nick Saban's daughter got into an altercation with a one-time friend in 2010.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Kristen Saban fight: Yes, she is that Saban....the daughter of University of Alabama head coach, Nick Saban. This story happened in August of 2010 when the coach's daughter and a one-time close friend of hers -- Sarah Grimes -- got into an altercation. Saban has claimed all along that she was only defending herself against Grimes in the brawl she got into, NY Daily News reports Jan. 22.

The two women were members of the Phi Mu sorority at Alabama and graduated last year.

Court documents show that the whole thing began over a Facebook post. Both women gave sworn testimony to their attorneys who filed the documents with Tuscaloosa County Circuit Judge James H. Roberts Jr. Judge Roberts said he "would consider a request by Kristen Saban’s attorneys, Robert Prince and Joshua Hayes, to end the lawsuit with a ruling in her favor," the report said. The Sarah Grimes/Kristen Saban fight was not going anywhere when Grimes' attorney -- Stephen Strickland -- told Roberts that "jurors should get to hear the dispute. Kristen Saban punched Grimes 'like Boom Boom Mancini,' Strickland said, referring to the professional boxer."

Strickland said his client had the "devil beat out of her."

Grimes claims that Saban instigated the fight... which left her with a concussion and in need of nasal surgery. Kristen Saban said the fight happened that night because Sarah Grimes got out of control and was angry. They were allegedly at the Alabama coach's daughter's home with other friends intoxicated from drinking. Saban said she went to her bedroom upset with Grimes for giving her a had time about issues she was having with her boyfriend. It got violent when Grimes confronted Saban about a Facebook post, “No one likes Sarah, yay.”

Both women are blaming the other for their fight. Saban said that “a lot of slapping and punching, not many landing, and scratching."

Before the explosive scene unraveled between the sorority sisters, they were having problems with their relationship. It had to do with Saban not inviting Grimes to various things that had to do with her status as a football coach's daughter.

It looks like serious pettiness got the upper hand here....and what began the Sarah Grimes/Kristen Saban fight. If their friendship was rocky before their altercation, it only added fuel to the fire ahead.

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