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Kristen Saban fight case: Former BFF Sarah Grimes wants compensation

Coach Nick Saban's daughter Kristen is in the midst of a lawsuit over a fight
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Kristen Saban fight case is in the headlines after a day in court involving the lawyers for both sides. The University of Alabama football coach's daughter is being sued for what transpired in a fight between the two former sorority sisters. The Daily News shared the details on Jan. 21.

The Sarah Grimes and Kristen Saban fight happened in 2010 after a night of drinking. Grimes allegedly received a concussion and needed nasal surgery after being beaten by Saban. At the hearing in court Tuesday, Saban's position is that she was defending herself from Grimes.

The two former best friends, members of Phi Mu sorority at the University of Alabama at the time, got upset after drinking and a Facebook post by Saban led to the confrontation that turned ugly. Grimes' lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of money from Saban.

Neither woman was in court this week. The judge indicated that he would consider a request from Saban's side to end the lawsuit and rule in her favor. However, Grimes' attorney said he feels the jury should hear the details. Will the case involving the Kristen Saban fight end up going away? It sounds like a big mess that certainly escalated out of control, but should Grimes get a big judgment?

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