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Kristen Merlin of Hanson, Massachusetts impresses judges on "The Voice"

Adam Levine
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Sometimes, a little bit of local history is big news to those making it and the towns it comes out of. Tonight, a girl from a small town south of Boston went on "The Voice" and did a fantastic job. This writer is from that same small town, Hanson, Massachusetts, but is a few years older. Nonetheless, after a veritable explosion on Facebook, it was time to check out what was going on and who the heck this Kristen Merlin was.

Apparently, Kristen Merlin is a country-rockish singer who has been doing the bar circuit on the South Shore for several years. She has met with some success and now, almost into her thirties, she decided it was time to do something bigger. That something was the television show "The Voice." Now, this history writer has very little experience with that show or anything like it, but when someone from the same podunk town as you does something even remotely special, you pay attention.

Kristen Merlin hit the stage energetically with a song that seemed plucked right out of the South. Within seconds, the judge guy with the strong jaw, the Internet says his name is Adam Levine, pushed his button. That seems like a good thing. Soon after, Mr. Usher and Ms. Shakira followed suit. Some other guy, presumably a country singer, didn't push his button, but it didn't seem like that big of a deal. Merlin, her girlfriend and her mom were very excited after Merlin picked Shakira to be her coach. No idea what that is, but will stay on top of it as this small town bit of history unfolds.

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