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Kristen Bell peed in a jar at the Oscars because her dress was so tight

Kristen Bell had to pee in a jar because her Oscars dress was so tight
Kristen Bell had to pee in a jar because her Oscars dress was so tight
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Kristen Bell made a shocking confession about the stunning Roberto Cavalli gown that she wore to the Oscars. According to a March 10 report by People, the actress fessed up to peeing in a jar because the fitted mermaid dress was so tight.

Kristen had no qualms about talking about her bizarre bathroom break during a recent appearance on "Live With Kelly and Michael." Michael Strahan asked the blonde beauty if her Oscars gown was comfortable to sit in, and she gave him a very honest answer. "Nope," she said. "And I didn’t realize that until I got into it. There was a situation … there was a Mason jar involved."

After the audience starting giggling about the Bell jar, the actress responded by saying, "Like you guys haven’t peed into a Mason jar before in a huge ball gown!" Hopefully Kristen Bell actually made it to the bathroom before relieving herself, and hopefully she was able to hold the Mason jar herself. Can you imagine being the poor assistant tasked with crawling under her dress to hold the pee jar?

Kristen Bell isn't the first female celebrity who has suffered the indignity of urinating in an odd place. Katy Perry has admitted to peeing in buckets before her concerts, and Ke$ha once peed in the street because she was stuck in traffic. She also shocked Lily Allen by peeing in a pub sink back in 2009, so at least Kristen isn't alone. If she attends the Oscars next year, she should definitely consider wearing a shorter dress or trying to slip her Spanx over a pair of adult diapers.

It's just a good thing that Kristen Bell didn't try to hold it in – can you imagine how painful it would be listening to Adele Dazeem sing "Let It Go" when you really need to go?