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Krista Miller denies trading of flesh to the convicted drug lord Ricardo Camata

Krista Miller
Krista Miller
YouTube/video screenshot/Starmo Flicks

Krista Miller turned emotional at a press conference held in Quezon City, Friday, June 6, 2014. The starlet denied everything about Ricardo Camata, a leader of Sigue-Sigue Sputnik Gang and convicted drug lord, based on her statement, she went to a hospital where the drug lord was allegedly confined due to health problems, for a real estate business.

Krista explained that she started selling properties five months ago, but due to some problems, she has failed to meet the monthly quota. The starlet confirmed that said monthly quota was one of the reasons why she decided to meet the convicted drug lord at a hospital in the metro.

At the press conference, Krista never denied that sometimes, she receives indecent proposals from her clients, but according to her, she turned them down because of her principles in life and insisted that she is not that kind of girl.

Before she came out and revealed her side, reports said the Department of Justice may invite her to ask several questions regarding the rumored trading of flesh to the convicted drug lord. Reports also added that the two security groups of Ricardo Camata have already fired by the DOJ due to the incident.

CCTV footage gathered by the DOJ: Last night on TV Patrol, one of the credible news programs in the Philippines aired on ABS-CBN, DOJ Undersecretary Baraan III, confirmed Krista Miller’s visit to Ricardo Camata’s hospital room. According to the government official, Krista entered Camata’s room and stayed there for ten minutes.

After watching the video, some netizens took to their social media accounts and expressed their feelings regarding the rumored trading of flesh. Many of them were disappointed while others believed that Krista Miller should be given the chance to express her side, unfortunately, she is still receiving hate messages from her detractors despite her explanation at a press conference held in Quezon City several hour ago.

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