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Kris Kristofferson comes to the Tennessee Theater

Kris Kristofferson is bringing his solo act to Knoxville this Sunday, January 31st
Kris Kristofferson is bringing his solo act to Knoxville this Sunday, January 31st
Photo credit: Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times

This Sunday, January 31st the legendary Kris Kristofferson is putting on a show at an equally legendary venue, the Tennessee Theater. If you think you’ve never heard a Kris Kristofferson song, you’re probably wrong. According to the Tennessee Theater’s bio on Kristofferson, “By 1987, it was estimated that Kristofferson's compositions had been recorded by more than 450 artists.”

Janis Jopplin, who dated Kristofferson until she died, made his song ‘Bobby McGee’ an international sensation with her version, ‘Me and Bobby McGee’. Kristofferson has topped the charts many times performing his own songs, but it was his personalized, poetic brand of songwriting that revolutionized country music and made him a star.

Today, Kristofferson might be better known as a crossover star and some fans know him as an actor first, musician second. Although he is a terrific performer in all regards, it’s his music that gave him his start and made him an enduring piece of Americana.  He's in his mid 70's now and for the last decade has been touring internationally as a solo artist, a regiment that would exhaust men half his age.

His career started in the late ‘60’s and Kristofferson is still going strong. He’s received awards of all kinds, he’s in the country music hall of fame, and now he’s coming to the Tennessee theater. Don’t miss it.  Ticket information is available here. Read Kristofferson’s Wikipedia bio here, and don’t forget to check out his website where you can read his bio, check out photos and pre-order his new CD Closer to the Bone.