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Kris Jenner berates Rob because he's obese and doesn't make enough money

LAS VEGAS, NV - JUNE 3: Rob Kardashian arrives at the 2012 Miss USA pageant the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on June 3, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Kris Jenner berates her son Rob for being obese and having a sock line that failed. According to Star Magazine, Kris may have been the major driving force that caused Rob to skip his sister, Kim Kardashian’s wedding.

It can't be easy for Rob belonging to a family where everyone is bringing in money, except him. He tried to establish his own sock line, but the business didn't take off.

A source told Star Magazine, “Everyone thinks he (Rob) skipped the wedding because of Kim, but it’s his mom who makes him feel terrible. Rob is spiraling out of control and it’s all his mother’s fault. The world thinks the Kardashians are so happy, but Kris treats Rob like dirt. He says she’s a monster.”

Rob flew to Paris to attend Kim’s pre-wedding party and wedding to Kanye West, but he left abruptly when Kim and Kris attacked him over his weight problem. Radar Online reported Kim telling Rob that he “ is lazy and bringing down the family name because of his physical appearance.”

Star Magazine reports that Kris agreed with Kim, but added in her own observations. “Kris says he’s the only one of her kids who is an embarrassment — an obese person with a failed sock line. Rob needs to stop lying and own up to the fact that he has issues. Until he admits to his problems, he’s not going to get better.”

Kim believes that Rob needs professional help and a “major attitude adjustment.” She’s tried to encourage Rob to go into therapy so he can effectively deal with the deeply buried issues and he needs to disarm his pent-up anger. However, Rob doesn’t believe in therapy.

It’s sad for any mother to feel this way about their kids. Kris is happy when her children are busy making money. Because she is their manager, she collects a percentage of their profits.

Do you think this is a good way to get Rob to seek professional help, or should the family back down and love him the way he is? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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