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Kris Humphries gives Kanye West advice on Kim K: 'Good luck, dude'

Days after news of Kim K dating Kanye West hit, Kris has advice for rapper
Days after news of Kim K dating Kanye West hit, Kris has advice for rapper
Just Jared

There's one thing you can say about Kim Kardashians’ soon-to-be-ex-husband Kris Humphries, he's not going down without a fight! While the couple still remain at odds over the divorce settlement of their 72 day union, the New Jersey Nets forward has a little advice for Kimmy's new beau Kanye West; “Good luck, dude. You’re going to need it!” (Don't you just love a juicy love triangle?)

According to RadarOnline, Humphries isn't shocked at all by the Kim and Kanye news, nor does he believe Mr. West released his latest single "Theraflu" -where he admits to falling in love with the hot Kardashian - without her knowledge.

A source told the site, "Kris knows for a fact that this alliance between Kim and Kanye has been going on for at least the last two years. Kim kept in touch with Kanye after she married Kris and promised him that she would cut off communication with him, but she never did. Kris is suspicious of the timing of Kim deciding to go public with the relationship because the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is premiering in May, and Kanye has released a new album."

In the hot single, Kanye says:

And I admit I fell in love with Kim / ‘Round the same time she fell in love with him

That’s cool, baby girl, do your thing / Lucky I ain’t had Jay drop him from the team

"Kris knows that Kanye never would have recorded those lyrics about Kim without her permission, period. Kris wonders if Kanye is going to drink the ‘Kardashian Kool Aid' as he calls it, because if you aren't a family member and don't fall in line with what Kris Jenner dictates, you are persona non grata."

Oh, the drama. How do you feel about Kim possibly manipulating the media yet again? I have to admit, I fell for the hoopla around the Kardashian/Humphries wedding special on E! late last year. I know it was a scam but the wedding was so beautiful and for a split second it gave me hope that love in Hollywood actually exists. What was I thinking.....

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