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Kris Aquino, Toni Gonzaga grilled Matteo Guidicelli on 'The Buzz'

Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli
Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli
Twitter/JustSarahG/Instagram/Matteo Guidicelli

Using his official Twitter account, actor-athlete Matteo Guidicelli, boyfriend of pop princess Sarah Geronimo, thanked all his fans and supporters for their kind words. You guys knew that he had an exclusive interview on “The Buzz” with Toni Gonzaga and Kris Aquino this evening, Aug. 10, 2014 (Manila time) or this morning, Aug. 10, 2014 (U.S time).

In his interview with the two of the most talented hosts/celebrities in the country today, Matteo Guidicelli revealed that his princess, Sarah Geronimo was in her house and watching him on national TV. Matteo confirmed that he got closed to the pop princess and her mom, Divine, when he was in the U.S. for a concert series. He also shared that he earned the trust of Sarah and Divine almost a year ago, but according to him; he decided not to reveal anything about it to protect not only the pop princess but the parents as well.

Matteo felt proud when he learned that Sarah Geronimo decided to confirm their almost a year relationship with Ogie Diaz several months ago. Matteo said he had a feeling that Sarah felt that it was the right time for her to confirm their relationship on national TV. "I guess she felt it was time, so when I saw it, in a way, I was very proud of her, not because she said I was her boyfriend, I don’t really care about that I’m more proud because she stood up as a woman and said what she wants in life,” he said.

While he was on the hot seat, his fans and supporters were uniting and talking about his revelation, using their official Instagram and Twitter accounts, they congratulated not only the hunk actor but the pop princess as well because of their courageous move. As you all know, the pop princess is being guarded by her parents especially Divine Geronimo.

Reports claim that they (Sarah and Matteo) are now struggling because of the rules and regulations being implemented by Mommy Divine, but like what Toni Gonzaga said, Matteo Guidicelli should not stop courting the parents if his intention with Sarah Geronimo is really pure.