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Kres Mersky’s ‘Flag Day’ debuts at Theatre West

Kres Mersky
Theatre West

Kres Mersky’s new play FLAG DAY (which continues through June 22 at Theatre West near Studio City, under Paul Gersten’s direction) centers on an eccentric Los Angeles family and their neighbors. Call (323) 851-7977 or go to

Mersky is best known for writing and performing such one-woman shows as “Isadora Duncan: A Unique Recital” and “The Life and Times of A. Einstein,” both of which I found exceptional. I recently asked her about her latest endeavor, which she described to me as “a pretty wacky ride!”

JY: What inspired you to write FLAG DAY?

KM: I wanted to write loosely and not so loosely about some early family events in my life and to do so in a Kaufman and Hart sort of way.

Q: Why would a solo performer want to write a play for 11 actors?

KM: I never really intended to be a solo performer. That came about more or less because it was always so hard to arrange actor's schedules for rehearsal. I figured what-the-heck... I'll just do the piece by myself. But more seriously FLAG DAY really is about this group of 11 people and I wanted the challenge of creating that.

Q: Is it easier or harder than writing a solo piece?

KM: Writing is always hard. I can only say for myself both are equally challenging for different reasons.

Q: Do you prefer "acting solo" or being part of an ensemble?

KM: Both are exciting and fraught with... well, angst. I might be a bit more comfortable with solo performing because I've done so much of it. But being part of an ensemble is relieving... you're not shouldering the whole performance.

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