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Krazy D preserves Naim Liss' legacy at Mineral Palace Gardens

PUEBLO, Colo.—Soldado Loco’s Krazy D brought together the late Naim Liss’ family and friends together at Mineral Palace Gardens, on May 30. He was the opening act, along with: Samantha Medina, Horrifik Kreationz and Milogic. Bullhead*Ded was the direct support and Made Up Minds was the headliner.

Krazy D preserves Naim Liss' legacy at Mineral Palace Gardens.
Sareth Ney/
Krazy D preserves Naim Liss' legacy at Mineral Palace Gardens.
Sareth Ney/

Curtis Lee Cancino, the master of ceremonies, mentioned the food for the event was ready and encouraged everyone at the park to enjoy the free lunch. He stated the drinks and live entertainment were free, until the conclusion of the event.

After speaking on behalf of the event, Cancino introduced Krazy D to the audience. He stated Krazy D and Naim Liss were the masterminds of No Gimmick Records. Krazy D ran to the front of the stage and performed a front handspring, Cancino handed him the microphone and he spoke of the raffling taking place later. He encouraged everyone to buy tickets and mentioned all proceeds would go towards Naim Liss’ scholarship fund. Then, he began his performance with “Fire It Up”.

Before the start of “State of Emergency”, Krazy D spoke of how “Fire It Up” was one of Naim Liss’ favorite songs and reminisced about the times they had barbecues together. He went onto say Naim Liss’ family member was selling compact discs and all the proceeds would go towards the scholarship too. Afterwards, he thanked Cancino for hosting the event and requested for the instrumental to be played.

Krazy D mentioned “Prototype” was about not allowing technology to take over and be a victim of it. He mentioned the majority of the population was obsessed with their computers and smartphones. He spoke of the times he and Naim Liss predicted there would be nothing left but humanoids, in 2014. Then, he ended with “Malfunction”. After the song came to an end, he thanked the audience for allowing him to get Naim Liss’ message out and reminded them of his motto to never give up.

“Death Note” and “On One” were also part of Krazy D’s set.

When Krazy D’s performance came to an end, he held a brief interview. He mentioned the scholarship would be for a Mass Communications student. His fondest memories of Naim Less were songs, jokes, laughter and gestures to maintain positivity. He spoke of how Naim Less and he became business partners due to networking, critiquing, and finding each other’s flaws to better themselves.