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Krayzie Bone releases 'Hard To Let Go' video

(Dec. 2010) Krayzie Bone playing grand piano; still photo from "Hard To Let Go" video
(Dec. 2010) Krayzie Bone playing grand piano; still photo from "Hard To Let Go" video
The Life Entertainment

On December 18, Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony released a belated video for his semi-song “Hard To Let Go,” a song that can be found on The Fixtape 3: Lyrical Paraphernalia released July 27, 2010 through RBC Records.

(“Hard To Let Go” samples Linkin Park’s song “In The End” from the group’s multi-platinum album Hybrid Theory released in 2000.)

When it was announced by Krayzie’s camp that a video would be shot for this track, many assumed that Krayzie heeded the request of fans and prolonged the song. Unfortunately, the request was not granted, for the song remains in its original state as presented on The Fixtape 3, 1 minute and 14 seconds brief.

Despite the brevity of “Hard To Let Go,” it’s a pleasing track supported by deep and thought-provoking lyrics, not to mention Krayzie’s knifing harmonies as he croons through the grand piano-orchestrated and soothing beat. If a longer version were released, one can only imagine how more amazing the song would sound.

With the late video release of “Hard To Let Go” accompanied with another semi-song titled “Waiting For Never,” it’s obviously not promoting The Fixtape 3 but rather Krayzie’s upcoming album titled Chasing The Devil where the latter song will be featured in full.

Like “Hard To Let Go, ” the snippet for “Waiting For Never” sounds stimulating. Both songs actually sound similar lyrically and carry the same soothing nature; thus, using the former as a prelude to the latter was a good decision and well done.

According to a source very close to Krayzie, the video for “Waiting For Never” has been completed and will be released next month.

Krayzie Bone’s new album Chasing The Devil will be released sometime in 2011; no official date has been set.


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