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Drudge Report 'border hell fire' sets media ablaze with illegal woes

Eric Holder says folks who want to "take back our country" are "racists." Oops! What about these liberals?
Eric Holder says folks who want to "take back our country" are "racists." Oops! What about these liberals?
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"Drudge Report must have had 30 stories!" exclaimed Pat Buchanan on Sunday, describing how the border crisis is now ablaze on all media outlets, too hot to be ignored. Update: By Wednesday, the Drudge Report banner read: "Buchanan warns: America could break up."

Pat Buchanan warns America is shattering into societal fragments
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According to Buchanan he's seen this loss of "one country, one people" coming for a long time; this column is hardly his first warning. If the title of his 2007 best seller, "State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America," isn't enough to make his views clear, his quote from Theodore Roosevelt is: "The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities."

In George Bush's time, mentioned Pat, when politicians clamored for immigration reform which would include amnesty, "the nation thundered 'No!' And Congress sustained the nation."

Lack of border enforcement under Bush and under Barack Obama have done a number on America: "We are no longer one nation, one people." Now in the invasion on the southern borders, Pat sees his prediction of seven years ago near fulfillment and worries about our nation isn't really a nation any longer.

Charles Krauthammer, a well respected columnist and political pundit, who once cryptically said of Buchanan, "There's no doubt he makes subliminal appeals to prejudice," earlier also published his thoughts on the humanitarian crisis. The "crisis" has now been downgraded to a "situation" by the Obama administration.

Krauthammer's analysis provides a simple two-step solution to the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants walking up to border agents once on American soil. They are turning themselves in so that they can be provided with a "permit" they believe will entitle them them to housing, education, medical and legal aid to help them stay.

The permit does instruct those here illegally to voluntarily appear by a set date; however, most officials don't think this honor system is compelling to the majority. If a third appear, they say they will be surprised.

According to Krauthammer, Obama needs to take the "O" out of the loop hole in a 2008 law intended for women who were being trafficked from Central America. Currently the law is being stretched to prevent unaccompanied minors from Central America from prompt repatriation to their country of origin.

Originally the law was intended to protect "sex-trafficked youth," not "today's mass migration aimed at establishing a family foothold in America," explained Krauthammer. Now, the law is specifically being applied to children from Central America while children from Mexico and Canada aren't as lucky. One group should not be singled out for special treatment, they should be treated the same, reasons Krauthammer.

Krauthammer's two steps: Drop any language which can be interpreted to include unaccompanied minors who don't fit the criteria of "sex-trafficked" Central American children from trafficking law and then put them on a bus home. Krauthammer believes that sooner or later, as the system becomes more and more overwhelmed, this is precisely what will come. It's all a matter of time; however in the end Obama will be forced to capitulate and later arrivals will be bussed home.

"One thing is certain. When the first [repatriation] convoys begin rolling from town to town across Central America , the influx will stop," Until then, Krauthammer predicted, "Without that, tens of thousands of kids will stay. Tens of thousands more will come."

Speaking of the border crisis he feels Obama built, Krauthammer is joining a host of others who are shooting down the Obama position that the reason for the influx is "violence and poverty" in Central American. That's "nonsense," says Krauthammer, asking, "When has Central America not been poor and violent.?" Only in the last two years, since "Obama's unilateral (and lawless) June 2012 order" have the tsunami of children "doubled in size." Charles added the reminder that the wave "is projected to double again by October."

However, a Drudge Report banner has featured Attorney General Eric Holder claiming criticism immigration laws are not being enforced is untrue and partially racially motivated. Holder described the border crisis on ABC's "This Sunday" as an "extraordinary situation' with thousands compelled to flee Central America's economic woes and "endemic violence." Holder used the crisis to bear down on a need for comprehensive immigration reform.

More "nonsense," suggests Krauthammer, pointing out that comprehensive immigration reform would not have prevented the problem; and instead it might actually exacerbate it. Krauthammer believes, "Any reform that amnesties" millions of illegal immigrants "simply reinforces the message that if you come here illegally, eventually you will be allowed to stay."

Although Obama continues to appear in photo-ops, he is avoiding border photo-ops which would inevitably have political captions describing, "The border crisis Obama built." The Drudge Report continues to nudge politicians in a direction they may not want to go.

If America thunders "no" to amnesty in their votes elections 2014, perhaps Congress will again sustain them. In the end, even if voting decisions are influenced by the focus of the Drudge Report, it's up to Americans. Matt Drudge recently suggested that maybe voters like things just as they are and will fail to vote for change in November.

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