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Kraft Foods recalls cheese products due to suppliers temperature issues

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Recent food recalls were announced by the FDA that involved Kraft Food Groups, which has recalled 7,691 cases of cheese products after learning one of their suppliers did not have one of the ingredients stored at the proper temperature.

According to information shared, Kraft Food Groups learned that a supplier of one ingredient had not followed the temperature standards set forth by Kraft Foods.

There have been no consumer illnesses reported connected with the products Kraft is recalling. However, out of concern for what could happen, Kraft recalled four varieties of Kraft American Singles Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product. These recalled items will have a Best When Used By date of February 20, 2015 and a Best When Used By date of February 21, 2015.

Products that are part of the Kraft Food recall can be returned to the place of purchase for a refund or an exchange. Consumers may also call Kraft Foods Consumer Relations with questions: 800-396-5512

For more details concerning this Kraft Cheese Product recall, please view information supplied by the FDA in their report.

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