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Kosher Comics for Kids by Kids

According to the Emek Hebrew Academy there are apparently almost no Jewish comics for children on Amazon, the largest bookseller in the world. Needless to say, it is the Academy’s goal to put children in Jewish schools all over the world in charge of creating comicbooks that reflect their own Torah values as well as their own unique cultural experiences in order to generate a large library of Jewish comics for children on Amazon. The sales of these comics will provide a fun, creative outreach tool and a new passive income stream for participating schools. To this end, the Emek Hebrew Academy Teichman Family Torah Center’s is looking for help in raising money to get this project started. Support this innovative project-based learning for Jewish students to “corner the market” in their own niche on Amazon. According to the Acadamy, every dollar that is contributed (up to $1,800) will not only be matched but doubled.

Jewish comic books by Jewish kids for other Jewish kids!
Jewish comic books by Jewish kids for other Jewish kids!
Emek Hebrew Academy
Jewish comics for kids by kids
Emek Hebrew Academy

The potential impact of this project is immeasurable, as it will help create a new little piece of Jewish history by building out a brand new section of work by and for Jewish children on Amazon. Just imagine the smiles on the faces of children when they become Amazon best-selling authors. Contributors can be part of making that happen. Kosher Comics will encourage students who attend Jewish schools to create Jewish-themed comics for their friends who are in public schools. At Emek’s Finder Family Library, students will be able to explore the things that excite them about their Jewish experience and integrate their passions into their fun stories.

Students will share both their passion and their knowledge with other Jewish children by giving them copies of the comicbooks that they make. The Academy anticipates that the colorful, quick, and appealing story lines of comics as well as the personal excitement and connection to their friends will create a new interest, curiosity, and connection to Torah, mitzvahs, and their Jewish identity for both the creators and receivers. In the first year of the project, they anticipate impacting approximately 2,500 children and their families with this new, large, diverse library of Jewish comics created by and for children on Amazon. If you are a Jewish educator, you are encouraged to contact the Academy to learn how to participate.

Donations are for helping purchase a number of new Ipads for the Academy’s library so that the children will not have to wait so long to create their comics, and will also help provide free comics for the students to give away to their Jewish friends in public schools to help encourage them to keep their Jewish flame alive. Contributions will enable the Academy to pay for technical assistance to help them produce training videos for other Jewish schools to join in this historical initiative to build out a whole new section on Amazon for Jewish comics by and for children. If the Academy receives more than $3,600, it will use the extra money to purchase additional Ipads, free comicbooks, Meet-the-Author visits to other schools and libraries to encourage other children to publish books, and for its scholarship fund.

Funding for this project ends on Sunday, May 13, 2014.


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