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Kosher breakfast in los angeles

Kosher Angelenos have a new and hearty breakfast option these days.  The Coffee, most famous for its ice-blended drinks, has branched out.  They recognize that not everyone wants a pastry for breakfast - well, maybe everyone wants it but some patrons are exercising a little self-control!  And so they've added a yogurt and oatmeal bar.  Both the low fat vanilla yofurt and the warm oatmeal (particularly good onthese recent cold mornings) can be enhanced with a variety of toppings - from nuts and fresh fruit to crushed oreos and caramel swirl.  If your eyes aren't quite open and you're not thinking straight (after all, you haven't had your coffee yet!), they have created some favorite combinations to spare you the effort.  These include Apple Pie (apple pie filling, streusel and vanilla macaroon granola) and Banana's Foster (bananas, brown sugar, caramel).  Your imagination (pocketbook and waistline) are your only limitations.