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Koreball brings portable fitness to Pre-Emmy’s WOW Lifestyle Gifting Suite

The Koreball was one of the hits of the WOW Creative Pre-Emmy's Gifting Suite
The Koreball was one of the hits of the WOW Creative Pre-Emmy's Gifting Suite

If you think awards show gifting suites are about extravagance and excess, you would be wrong if you were talking about WOW Creations Pre-Emmy's Gifting Suite held on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at the Luxe Hotel on North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

The Harris Brothers, of "Storage Wars" fame and who truly know how to put on a gifting lounge, hit a home run this year with a Koreball being gifted to celebrities and media that attended the Pre-Emmy's lounge leading up the 66th Primetime Emmy's, this coming weekend in Hollywood.

Proving portable fitness is hot this year, Koreball was a popular "get" at the Harris Twins shindig.

What is the Koreball?

The Koreball is a collapsible and portable "kettleball" workout system. It's a combo kettleball and medicine ball and it stores and packs easy to take with you wherever you need to get a workout.

Professional tennis player, Danielle Lao, who was at the gifting suite likes the fact that it not only holds water, but there also is a version that can hold sand for heavier weights.

"The creator (Rick Warren) claims it to be a great traveling training tool," adds Lao. "There are supposed to be new exercises they post online on their website."

Warren, the Koreball developer, was on hand to talk with celebs and the media, while fielding questions about his new product.

What does a Koreball do?

The Koreball offers a full-body workout on the go, at home, or even at the office. It helps burn fat, build lean muscle and tone your body. This small device can help you improve flexibility, your balance and add strength.

It's for all levels of those desiring a fitness tool that works.

Warren says you can get an efficient workout in 30 minutes or less.

The Koreball is leak-proof and weight adjustable. It stores and travel easily and the dual handles make it easy to use- even for beginners.

Warren says that Koreball is the only collapsible and potable workout system on the market.

“What inspired me to invent the Koreball is the fact that we know staying fit through all the stages of our lives is essential. health, wellness and fitness has always been my passion, so a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for me and my family, even while on vacation,” said Warren. “I believe that Koreball is the ultimate piece of fitness equipment."

Those at the WOW Creative gifting suite, which included a bevy of celebrities and reality show stars were taking notice.

As is the rest of the fitness universe, since a Koreball can be had for $59.99 at

Danielle Lao (@TheLittleGiant on Twitter) contributed to this article.

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