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Koreatown gets a little cooler


One of CGV's current selections.

Major Korean exhibitor CJ CGV has opened a new theater in Koreatown complete with three screens, 600 seats and 3D projectors June 11. Located in the Madang entertainment center, one of the many mini-mall complexes in Koreatown, the theater will come with its own Cine Cafe serving paninis, gourmet coffees, and baked goods.

Much like it's competition in the area the M Park 4 , the theater will be home to mainstream Korean and Hollywood films. Period, action film Blades of Blood is currently playing (with English subtitles) along with How to Train Your Dragon and The Karate Kid (both with Korean subtitles). The specialty theater also boasts a free membership program which offers a discount at the cafe and racks points toward free food and tickets.  Validation from the theater gives you 3 hours of free parking in the Madang parking complex- a rare treat in Koreatown where free parking can be elusive.

There's not a lot of places in the U.S. where you can find this kind of theater or even see some of these films. I say take advantage!

CGV Cinemas: 621 S. Western Ave (between 6th and Wilshire), Los Angeles, 90005


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