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Korea is not a third world country

American foriegn workers in Korea on their way to Starbucks
Melanie Jones

There are much more than 70, 000 American people that call Korea home and all of them have a missile pointed right at them. American’s often do not know what to think about these countries which only receive news coverage when provocation occurs between South Korea and the weapon flailing north.

Many people assume that South Korea is crime ridden country that is trying to rebuild after the havoc created by their most recent war, but be assured that this is a huge misconception. South Korea is a thriving first world nation that miraculously mimicked the Phoenix, as it too was once ashes. Thousands of foreigners move to South Korea to teach English as a second language which is in high demand. In addition, thousands of American military personnel and their families also call this country home.

The wealthiest cities, Ulsan and Geoje, bring in thousands of American shipyard workers, engineers and contractors to work for Daewoo, Samsung and Exxon. All of these lucky individuals left the higher cost of living of their homeland to make more money in a country which has a lower cost of living. Oh, and the astronomically lower crime rate is just icing on the cake.

What has been occurring as North Korea has threatened to return the hardworking South to ashes is shocking and demonstrates a complete disregard for the agreement which the two countries made. Within the last few days, Japan has decided to ease restrictions against North Korea, China, North Korea's lone ally, has been cozying up to South Korea, and North Korea is still violating the U.N. agreements and firing rockets wherever they please. You can compare the many twists and turns in this soap opera to that of the best Korean dramas. And just when you think you know what will happen next...yeah, you don't.

In 2012, the White House Press Secretary issued a statement reflecting their position to stay committed to the security of our South Korean allies. The Press Secretary added that “North Korea's long-standing development of missiles and pursuit of nuclear weapons have not brought it security – and never will. North Korea will only show strength and find security by abiding by international law, living up to its obligations, and by working to feed its citizens, to educate its children, and to win the trust of its neighbors.”

Today, there is still a lot of uncertainty. Yet on a daily basis, life goes on. The expats and South Korean's do not appear to be at all in fear of the ticking time bomb hovering above them.


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