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Kong’s quest for the best chew toys

Visit any pet supply store and peruse the dog toy section and you will find a ton of fun-looking, colorful toys. Flip the package over. Do you see “Made in China”? Drop it and move on. There are quality dog toys on the market that are made in the USA.

Classic Kong

Classic bee hive

If you see a red, hard rubber chew toy shaped like a bee hive, you’ve found yourself the standard and ever classic “Kong”. The Kong toy is produced in red and black with the latter being loved on by the more powerful chewers. The Kong has been a doggie classic for decades. They have made a variety of toys inspired by the classic and many have the same awesome feature of being a treat-stuffing toy which makes the play all that much sweeter.

Kong Quest

For dogs with a light to moderate chewing habit, they can enjoy a toy from the Kong Quest line. Kong Quest toys come in three shapes, a wishbone, star pod or bone. Kong Quest toys are bright, flexible and offer the same treat-stuffing action that you can do with a traditional Kong toy. If you have an overweight dog or perhaps one that has the habit of wolfing down his food feeding his kibble from a toy is a great idea way to shape your dog into some better eating habits.

Stuff and freeze

Have you tried “stuffing” a Kong? The web is full of dog-friendly recipes and recommendations for combinations of dog food and treats with which to stuff your Kong. When stuffing your Kong, think layers with one layer of soft food then one layer of something crunchy. An example would be banana, kibble, peanut butter, kibble, canned pumpkins, and kibble. The next step would be to freeze your Kong. Before you leave the house toss your dog a frozen Kong stuffed with great prizes. As he chews and chows the Kong will begin to melt and the great stuff comes out. That is fun that can last. Have several Kong toys on hand and stuff each one with layers of good stuff. Store a few in a bag in the freezer so you always have a tasty treat on hand.

Dogs have a need to chew. Give them something appropriate to chew that captures and holds their attention and most of all is safe. Vote with your wallet and only buy dog toys and treats that are made in the USA. Let the pet stores know what your preferences are and why you are putting a paw down on foreign made pet products.

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