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Konami looks to reinvent soccer with PES 2014

Featuring the Fox Engine
Featuring the Fox Engine

Bringing the Fox Engine to a soccer game can only mean excellent things. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will feature this engine and that means improvements to its physics. The new physics engine will will allow for tactics to recreate situations, including all animations being overhauled.

The focus will be involve one-on-one situations. Wins and losses on the field will be determined by this, so player ratings will mean more than ever. However, to compensate, PES 2014 will incorporate home and away elements. Player motivation will play a major role as this will change in real-time as the game goes on. This can help the lesser rated player compensate for the lack of skills in the right situation. Players will become connected to the crowd noise and commentary to help create a new immerse experience.

To add to the Fox Engine in PES 2014, ball control range will be several meters wide and 360 degrees. The concept of Barycenter calculates the weight of the ball, which will result in lower trajectory kicks. This will also allow more freedom in positioning, attacking, blocking, contact and delaying.

PES 2014 will show off characteristics of each stadium ranging from every blade of grass and the texture of the ball to the concrete on the stadiums. Players will also execute emotions through their faces in ever-changing situations. Inner emotional strength will be a key to games as this will help drive players through each match.

PES 2014 will be available on current generation systems the PS3 and Xbox 360, and also a PSP version. As of now, 2014 will not see a next generation version, however with the Fox Engine, it will make its way to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 down the road.