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Kombucha king (part 2)

Super-Elixir Kombucha
Super-Elixir Kombucha

Here to continue the saga of kombucha-loving is an article detailing more liver-joy and antioxidant groovyness. Yes, that may not really be a word, but that’s ok. The author finds it rather drab to stay within the confines of words that cannot make use of ‘ness at the end every so often. Just a little history on kombucha:

“It is thought that Kombucha mushroom, a fermented yeast enzyme tea, originated in Asia during the Chinese Tsin dynasty in 212BC. This Eastern Tea was referred to as the Remedy for Immortality or the tea of Immortality. With the extension of trade routes it spread to India and Russia through travelers and traders. Kombucha resurfaced in Japan between the Wars after a Japanese visitor to Kargasok (Russia) found this fermented tea drink responsible for their astonishing health, longevity and well-being. It may have been introduced to Japan by a Korean physician by the name of Kombu around 415 AD. Today the tea - once routinely used by Samurai - is widely used again in Japan. Kombucha appeared in Germany about the turn of the century from Russia. This fermented tea drink became quite popular across Europe until World War II with the shortage of tea and sugar.” (remaining brief history summary can be found here)

Just a quick notation: This nutritional examiner has no affiliation with any recommendations in any articles. No kick-backs, no money, no nothing. Just honest recommendations for you to leverage more knowledge from. The main line this nutritional examiner recommends is High Country Kombucha because of their impeccable detail to authentic kombucha and unique strain that no other company uses as you will see below. Along with fresh spring water that they use.

  • Gluconacetobacter Obediens
  • Dekkera Anomala
  • Dekkera Bruxellensis
  • Zygosaccromyces Kombuchaensis

What separates this company from the rest, is that the above strains are meant for tea whereas most all other companies are currently using a lactobacillus culture which, while good, is meant for dairy, not tea. This being said the author enjoys and consumes a variety of different companies kombucha, however wants to make it clear that the above company stands above the rest when it comes to authentic commercially available kombucha as of the date of publishing this article. Read the previous article for more details on the authors experience regarding this companies groovy product!

The following scientific abstracts are not using any commercially available kombucha teas as far as the author is aware. Nonetheless these provide preliminary research regarding potential health benefits of fermented kombucha beverages. This first study observes a regression of lesions in tissues of the liver with different doses of kombucha tea.

  • The present study was carried out to evaluate the protective role of kombucha mushroom (KM) tea on cytotoxicity induced by phenol (PHE) in mice . . . The results indicated that all KM-tea supplemented mice showed a lower MN frequency than erythrocytes in only PHE-treated group. There was an observable regression on account of lesions in tissues of mice supplemented with different doses of KM-tea in histopathological observations. In conclusion, the KM-tea supplementation decreases cytotoxicity induced by PHE and its protective role is dose-dependent. (full abstract)

As the body continues to take the onslaught of toxins that the environment is full of, it is helpful to have some assistance in repairing kidney and liver damage. The following study indicates that kombucha may repair damage caused by environmental pollutants.

  • Trichloroethylene (TCE) may induce oxidative stress which generates free radicals and alters antioxidants or oxygen-free radical scavenging enzymes. nine level, gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activities were also measured. RESULTS: TCE administration increased the malondiahyde (MDA) and NO contents in kidney, urea and creatinine concentrations in serum, total free radical level in blood . . . CONCLUSION: The present study indicates that Kombucha may repair damage caused by environmental pollutants such as TCE and may be beneficial to patient suffering from renal impairment. (full abstract)

Did you know that kombucha is a potent antioxidant? Well . . . now you do. More suggestive evidence indicating the success of kombucha as a antioxidant along with its immunomodulating properties that it has long been crowned for having. Protection against lead induced oxidative stress.

  • To evaluate the effect of oral administration of Kombucha tea (K-tea) on lead induced oxidative stress... Oral administration of lead acetate to rats enhanced lipid peroxidation and release of creatine phosphokinase and decreased levels of reduced glutathione (GSH) and antioxidant enzymes (superoxide dismutase, SOD and glutathione peroxidase, GPx). Kombucha tea supplementation relieved the lead induced immunosuppression to appreciable levels. CONCLUSION: The results suggest that K-tea has potent antioxidant and immunomodulating properties. (full abstract)

The major weight of the science for kombucha lies in its liver-protective properties. The liver is arguably the most complex organ in the body, or most taxed organ due to the immense toxic load it must filter through. Therefore protection you can afford for it, you may as well adopt it as part of your healthy lifestyle. This article shows more anti-stress and liver-loving as it were.

  • The objective of the study was to evaluate toxicity, anti-stress activity and hepato-protective properties of Kombucha tea . . . K-tea has been found to prevent lipid peroxidation and fall in reduced glutathione level when rats were exposed to cold and hypoxia in simulated chamber. Further, K-tea has also been found to decrease the Wrap-restraint faecal pellet output in rats. K-tea has also been found to decrease paracetamol induced hepatotoxicity significantly. CONCLUSION: The study shows that K-tea has anti-stress and hepato-protective activities. (full abstract)

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Ending with a dip of wisdom is necessary in this era of mass-distraction. The following is more sustenance for that truth-hungry mind of yours. Here is one from our comrade Ovid.

“Nothing is stronger than habit.”

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