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Kokane Keeps G-Funk Alive on New Album

Kokane, Shut da F Up & Cut da Checc
Kokane, Shut da F Up & Cut da Checc
Bud E Boy Ent

It's been nearly 25 years since G-funk pioneer, Kokane first blessed the microphone, and with his new album Shut da F Up & Cut da Checc, and his emerging label, Bud E Boy ENT, the West Coast veteran continues to prove that classic never goes out of style.

In addition to acclaimed albums of his own like the Eazy-E backed Funk Upon A Rhyme, Kokane (or "Sweet Talk" as he is known to NWA die-hards) has built a career on collaborating with other artists, from Snoop Dogg to Ice Cube, and on 'SDFU&CDC', that chemistry is at it's best.

"I got some cool features on this one," exclaimed Kokane. "I got B-Legit, I went and grabbed Richie Rich from the Bay, I got Daz and Kurupt, and of course I Busta Rhymes and Leezy Soprano to jump on the single, "What I."

He continued:

"I worked with some legends on this one, but I also got to work with some hot up-and-coming talent like Mac Lucci, who's Snoop's artist, and I got E3, which is Eazy-E's son," Kokane noted, adding that, "dude sounds just like Eazy. We're keeping that legacy alive and well. I have my daughter, Aanisah C. Long, who I couldn't be more proud of and Bud E Boy artists, The Xtraz. The response has been good we just represent that West Coast classic sound.

On the production end, Kokane turned to a familiar face: Big Hutch, AKA Cold 187um, who is widely regarded as the inventor of the G-funk sound that helped catapult Cali into the global spotlight in the 90s.

"Big Hutch did his thing on there," said Kokane. "We back to doing that original G-funk movement. He's rhyming and producing on there. My aim on this one was to be well-rounded on the production end. I got Ishan Cooper, who comes from Australia and Mo-Funk who's also from overseas. I really wanted to reach a widespread audience," he added.

As the CEO of Bud E Boy ENT, Kokane hopes that this album, will help shine the light on some of the rising stars his label has to offer.

"I'm really trying to use this album as a catalyst to open doors for all the talented artists I got on Bud E. Boy. These cats are ready to take their music to the next level so be on the lookout."

Click here to purchase or preview Shut da F Up & Cut da Checc by Kokane.

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