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Koe fails to medal at World Men's Curling Championship

Kevin Koe
Kevin Koe
Verne Equinox, Wikimedia Commons

According to the Canadian Press, Canada failed to medal at the 2014 World Men's Curling Championship Saturday evening in Beijing, China as the Canadian team skipped by Calgary's Kevin Koe lost 7-5 to Switzerland's Benoit Schwartz.

This was the first time since 2001 and only the seventh time since the first World Curling Championship in 1959 that Canada did not medal. Interestingly on four of the seven occasions, the Canadian representatives came from Alberta-- (Hec Gervais in 1974, Kevin Martin in 1997 and Randy Ferbey in 2001).

In the bronze medal game, Koe once again had problems with his draw weight, an issue that plagued him significantly in playoff losses to Norway and Sweden. In Saturday night's loss Koe was only 60% on his ten draw attempts.

Switzerland meanwhile is starting to become a curling powerhouse with great depth. The women led by Binia Feltscher won the 2014 World Women's Curling Championship in St. John, New Brunswick last month.

Norway meanwhile won the gold medal at the 2014 World Men's Curling Championship as Thomas Ulsrud defeated Sweden 8-3 in Sunday's gold medal game.